Caring for the poor taur

Even an evil dragon could need support and care.

You turn to face the dragon, who notices and looks back to you. Giving her a smile you say, “So what do you think, sure beats being locked up in some tomb, don’t you think.” She doesn’t respond, so you continue, “It might not be the whole dessert, but for now this will be your own place to call home.” With a look on her face that you can’t quite identify, she just stares directly at you. Not sure whats going on in her head you add, “I know it might be difficult to leave your old live behind, but I’m sure we can find something new for you. A powerful dragon should have a few options in this big world out there.”

When she finally responds, her voice is shaky, “Why are you doing this? Do you have some goal in mind? We were enemies just a moment ago and now you are being nothing but nice to me?” You could feel her emotions starting to boil over, as now not only her voice but her body became shaky as well. Knowing what has to be done, you step closer and hug her. She is so taken aback by your action, that her body goes weak and she sinks down to the sand. “You went down the wrong path once and shouldn’t be punished for eternity because of it. You deserve another chance and I, no, We, will help you to make things right again.” Before you know it, you have a sobbing dragon leaning against you, and you do your best to comfort her, one pat at a time.