About me

Hi there~
I’m Kliff Lodagry, a hobbyist artist, writer and developer.

This site is “a hoard,” a collection of my arts, stories and comics. Most of them are connected with dragons or monster girls. I love dragons, so dragon kinds here are way frequent than other types of monsters.

If you want to contact me, please use any of the social media links below. Unfortunately, my official mail is still in progress…

Original characters

Like many other artists, I have several OCs.

The main one is Nyx, “a dragon of the night.” A young curious dragon girl with purple scales, large wings and a long thick tail with a tuft. The eyes I used on the main page refer to her. I even used her as an avatar to show some scenes from my own life.

The second one is Rex, a friend of Nyx. Again, I wanted to have a savage character, so there she is. A wild, willful, but optimistic person. A hunter. A mix of a T-Rex and an earth dragon. Physically strong, but without the ability to use magic.

The third one, and the last of the “main” group, is Reen. An ice creature - half-demon, half-dragon. She was designed as a troublemaker for Nyx but ended up as a not-so-honest-with-herself Nyx’s close friend.