Caught (story)

The dragon is going on a regular invasion of the human kingdom. Suddenly, something interrupts her flight and makes her stop her flight. A strange chain hooks her feet, and it looks like it has been launched from a strange human’s weapon. How dare the weak humans even think about challenging the great dragon? She immediately gets angry and ready to teach the stupid hunters who are hunters in this world.

After the dragon gets hooked by the chain, she gets furious at humans who dare try to hunt her. She tries to break the chain on the fly, but it has been enhanced, and there is not enough momentum. The dragon accepts the challenge and swoops down at the hunters. Dragons are huge and powerful. But humans were prepared really well this time. Each chain the dragon breaks immediately gets replaced with two. Every dragon’s action requires more strength to break the chain and control to keep balance. And she starts to move slower and slower, covered in a web of steel ropes. The dragon slowly begins to understand that she is not strong enough to effortlessly get rid of annoying humans. That she could be not a winner in this battle…

But the dragon’s luck is over. After another turnaround, her foot snags in one of the chains, and she falls in the next second. Using the dragon’s shock after the fall, hunters use all their power to fully bind her.

“How you dare…” The dragon was completely pissed off. The humiliating loss to that fragile creatures? She couldn’t even have imagined it before. But whatever she tries to do, she can’t get free now, covered in chains and lying on the ground in front of many people. But suddenly, she smirks. Even if she can’t move now, it is just a matter of time when she will be free. And, obviously, the humans can’t hurt her because of her dragon scale and clear size difference. At the same time, when dragons think about getting free, the hunters’ leader goes forward and reads the king’s order about punishing the dragon and bringing back all stolen treasures. “Punished? It’s hilarious. You can’t do anything to me!” The dragon laughs at them. Though the hunters’ reaction makes her a bit anxious - it looks like they know something…

The dragon can’t see what the hunters are preparing, but it doesn’t sound like anything heavy. But when she just calms herself, a strange feeling occurs on her paw. Delicate light touchings, but it feels like lightings for her nerves. She subconsciously tries to avoid the touchings, but, bound, she can’t do anything about it. The dragon doesn’t understand how she, a legendary creature, could be so sensitive. “I can’t be ticklish, right?…” But the tickling keeps going. More and more people join. Not only her paw, but both of her whole feet are being scratched by different tools like feathers and rakes. The sensation is getting greater and greater, and the dragon puts more and more effort into staying silent. She hasn’t noticed it, but humans bind her toes separately, making a big gap between each of them. And now they start tickling the sides of her toes, the space between them. It’s getting too much for the dragon. After making a loud moan, the dragon starts trying to change her pose with all her strength, but, again, without any success. The tickling prevents her from making consistent moves, messing with her head. The hunters obviously enjoy their actions. They climb on the dragon’s limbs and find new weak spots to do their meanest activities - tickling. And, the worst part of it, the dragon starts enjoying it. Though, she still can’t admit it even to herself. It’s been half an hour, and the dragon thinks the highest level of sensation has been reached, and she could find a way to tolerate it long enough to get out, but they left the most sensitive area for last. Her genitalia. When they start touching it with their feathers, the dragon immediately roars from embarrassment and pleasure. And they attack her vagina and butthole with all their power. Crying, roaring, laughing - she totally stops controlling herself. The dragon’s mind gets overwhelmed with tickling. How long has it been? She just wants to get free on whatever condition. Suddenly, the tickling is stopped. The dragon is entirely exhausted, and barely handled to open her eye to find the reason for the changes. The familiar leader now stands with a long-long scroll. The dragon understands what they want, but what else she can do? She’s defeated and will follow the victor’s orders, that’s what dragon nature dictates to her.