In tentacles trap

Dragon curiosity…

In search of a rare artifact, the dragon fell into a magical trap.
The magician used a strange stone, and the dragon feels the heat below. Her lust increases and the dick falls out from its sheath. She is furious, how dare some man to such effrontery.
The terrible roar is distributed through the cave: “Bastard, how dare you! Now I …”
But something is strange, no matter how hard she tries to break free, she cannot break these tentacles, and they tighten all the more tightly. She begins to suspect that something was wrong, even with her legs, she cannot break tentacles. She becomes difficult to breathe. She tries to find a compromise: “I will not kill you… Just… let me go.” The wizard only grinned.

The stone shined brighter, and the tentacles started to move. Twisted around the breasts, squeeze them, robe and tickle nipples. Shame and lust overwhelmed the dragon, she is trying to escape more and more, but to no avail. How does she let a man do this to her?
Additional tentacles appear and twist around the foot, stroke it, creeping lower and lower. “Hey, w-what are you doing?”
The tentacles branched and tickled the paws. Another wraps around the dragon’s penis and starts to stroke it. The dragon is pleased, but she is trying to control herself with all her strength. You can not show that she is so sensitive …
One of the tentacles grows nipples and goes inside the dragon’s pussy. She even stopped struggling from surprise. It does not stop moving. Dragon moan is heard in the cave. She can no longer control herself… “Aah, e-enough, aha, what are you, ha, planning, ugh, to do?.. A-a-agh”
The magician keeps silent.

The stone shines ever brighter, and the tentacles keep coming. One by one, they penetrate the dragon’s vagina, spread, push, in turn, and together. They are getting bigger and stronger. Tentacles on their paws branched out and continue to stroke the feet, tickling paws and between the fingers. Stroke, pull and squeeze the nipples. Another roar, and dragon juices and sperm scatter through the cave. “..Ahaha, please, a-a-ah, um, stop, arrrhh.” A new tentacle gently and neatly penetrates her anus and begins to expand and penetrate deeper and deeper. The stimulation causes a new orgasm, the dragon breathes heavily, her eyes begin to grow dim. It seems she is starting to lose touch with reality. Saliva, sweat, juices flow down her trembling body.
“Uurh, ha, I, uh, do what, mmmgh, you want… Ah-ha, Let me, ugh, go…” - the dragon groans.
“Oh, what do I want?” - the magician suddenly answers - “But you already are doing it. I will fully enjoy you…”.
The tentacle around the penis is extended and enters the hole. “Aaaaaah,” - the dragon’s cry was incredibly strong. Surprise, anger, passion… The tentacle penetrates deeper, moves back and forth, causing a new flow of sperm. It does not stop. More and more tentacles, they stroke each sensitive part of her body, penetrate her holes, squeeze and pull… Finally, the dragon’s endurance ends, and she, with continues cumshoting, faints.
“Now you are mine”, - said the magician with glory.