Bound Bound
Tickling Tickling
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Failed negotiation

Esdry, the red dragon, doesn’t understand that the strange mage wants from her… Annoyed by him, she decides to scary the wizard, and starts to prepare her fire breath. The mage casts a lot of magic chains, covering the dragon’s body. Esdry laugh at his silly trick, but, suddenly, he casts another spell that pushes her for a bit, and the red dragon loses her balance, stumbled over one of the chains near her legs. After falling, Esdry finds herself completely bound in magical chains.

Pissed off, she try to break them, but their are too strong. She tries to roar aggressively, but chains left intact, and her roar sounds muted. “Why he is so strong? His spellcasting is too fast and I can’t even break this simple chains…” She tries her best to break at least one chain, moving she whole body, tensing every muscle, but it doesn’t work! Embarrassed and confused, she keeps looking at the strange mage without any clue what he will do next.

And mage’s staff started glowing more intensively…

Suddenly, a lot of feathers materialized near mage’s staff. Esdry is more confused: “What is this spell for?” She never have seen any of kind of this spell. Amount of feathers keep increasing… The mage waves his staff and all feathers start moving closer to the dragon. Mostly, they floating near her exposed soles, or between toes. Some of them she can’t see, but assumes that they are near her butt. The dragon even stop roaring, totally confused. “Hah, a bunch of feathers? That’s all what you can do?” She tries to mock the wizard, trying to break chains again - still without any success. The wizard smirks and snapped his finger, and all feathers attacks the dragon at the same time.

It’s been like a lighting, Esdry can’t help but she instantly lifts her head, trying to do do anything. The chains on her mouth break (or the mage allows them to break?), and she start laugh uncontrollable. Though her mouth was free, she can’t breath fire or cast any spell - the feeling of tickling overwhelms her, she can’t control herself anymore. Trembling and wiggling all over, the dragon keeps laughing loudly. She moans to stop, but instead, the feathers start tickling more intensively. She can’t catch breath, laughing incessantly. Feathers not only attacks her feet, but they going into her sensitive zones, almost inside of them. The dragon moans loudly. It’s unbearable for her. She can’t even think straight, losing her mind due to tickling.

After a long hours of tickling torture, dragon lies motionless, passing out from being out of breath and sensation overwhelm. The mage proudly smiles, takes some notes, and teleports away. The dragon keeps lying, covered in chains and feathers that waiting to her wake up to continue their only one job…

How long is it being? A week? A month? The mind of Esdry start cracking, not being able to survive unceasing tickling. The red scales are covered in sweat, the ancient dragon lies completely exhausted.

But her eye catches a shadow, and another dragon lands nearby. Compared to her, the new dragon is way smaller, probably way younger, covered in purple scales - Nyx. Esdry tries to say something about feathers, but instead of her voice her throat makes only wheezing sounds. At the same time, the new dragon start helping Esdry, breaking chains away - probably the spell got weaker after a time, and now any dragon is able to break it.

But the rest of the spell are still active… Feather, as they feel new prey, rushes to young dragon’s feet and crotch. Nyx shrieks surprisingly, and wiggle her head, trying to understand what is going on. The rest of the feather are going to new target. She finishes her plan and frees Esdry, but she gets covered in tickling feathers herself. With laughing, the young dragon falls on the ground and rolling on it, trying to catch them. Esdry, seeing this, tries to stand, but fails, crying silently in helplessness. Thankfully, Nyx is not bound, and after a long half and hour of tickling and wiggling she managed to catch and destroy all feathers.

After catching a breath, Nyx stands up and checks how Esdry is. Suddenly, Esdry grabs Nyx with a tail, and pulls her close. Nyx is scared - the red dragon is way bigger and stronger, and Nyx won’t be able to do anything against her. But, Esdry just wanted to express gratitude, and affectionately licks Nyx’s neck and head. After a while, Nyx helps Esdry to go to her cave and recover her damaged paws…

The end.