Necklace tickling trap

One peaceful kingdom has a giant dragon nearby. The dragon acts as a ruler of the land and demands tribute from them. If they don’t send any, the dragon loots their castles herself. They tried to do something with this, but the dragon quickly suppressed any “rebellions.”
Some day they bring an amulet as a tribute. The dragon detects some magic inside it, but as far as there were no challenging traps from humans, she thinks if it is even a trap, she can effortlessly get rid of it and punish the fools.

But it was a mistake. After the dragon wears the amulet, magic chains from nowhere bind her.
After several tried to break up, she understands the trick. That amulet uses her inner magic, and basically, she’s fighting herself, that’s why she can’t get free. Dragon angrily roars and swears that she’ll punish all of them. The group of people patiently wait for something…

While the dragon’s thinking about getting free, the amulet starts to generate particles around it. Particles floating around the dragon’s body and transform into feathers. The dragon begins giggling.
“Hey, that’s not fair! How did you know about that weakness?!” She tries her best to hold her laugh.
“That’s interesting. The amulet found it itself. It is our best magic device!” Some people from the group responds. Other people start making notes and discuss something around her.
The amulet keeps producing feathers that start tickling her chest, ribs, and tummy. Some of them floating down and start playing with her pussy and the inner part of her thighs. A lot of them are floating around her feet and searching for the most ticklish spots.

The dragon keeps roaring and trying to break away. But her movements become more chaotic. Looks like she is really ticklish. And that tickling makes her horny. An enormous amount of embarrassment grows inside her. How is it possible that weak small people trapped her in this embarrassing situation?!

Finally, a laugh comes out. The dragon can’t hold her laughter and affinity, and her gigantic dick slowly comes out. In an instant, more feathers attack the new target. The dragon cries, laughs and moans from that amount of tickling, embarrassment, and pleasure. After reviewing the magic behind binds, she finally understands that it ends only after her complete exhaustion. She starts begging people to stop it. At the same time, the humans enjoy the view, make notes, and investigate her hoard. They know that they already win.

“What do you want?! If you want my treasure, get it! And get this thing out of me, please! What are you waiting for?” She keeps mixing moaning with a laugh. “I’m the ruler of this land! Let me go out, and I’ll give you anything!”
“Yes, you are the ruler. But we’re not thieves or hunters. Looks like you don’t understand…” The group of people discusses something for a short time. “We will wait until you are ready for the discussion. So, enjoy your punishment.”

“I-I can’t hold it anymore!” The dragon moans loudly, and a massive stream of cum comes out. She rolls her eyes up in pleasure. “I’ll do anything! Please, stop it!” The dragon keeps laughing and making cum shots. She already stops trying to break free and shakes from the tickling.

After a few hours, she can barely understand what is going on. She came so many times, her cave looks really messy now. Finally, she falls from exhaustion. She can’t move anymore, just listen to people. She keeps mumbling, “Why?” and “I’m sorry.”

“You still don’t understand. What a hard dragon…” The oldest of the group steps out and starts speaking. “You said that you are a ruler, but do you actually rule? We really appreciate that you protect our land from other big monsters, we understand that you want to have tribute and food. But we want payback actions. It is your punishment for ignoring your people for a long time. We want you to do a lot of things that only you can do. And you don’t even try to listen!” The man sighs. “We just want to teach you to stop being such an egoistic person.”
“W-what?!” The dragon opens her eyes wide. “I never think that way… I’m sorry.”
“Will you be a good ruler?”
“Y-yes, but why you did THIS?!”
“Did you listen to us before?”
“I-I’d… Oh.”
The old man laughs and pats her.

After that, the kingdom and the dragon start working together.

The end.