Last part of Fae’s story (by Klemeron)

Heroes used magic push to knock out already damaged dragon and use magic binding again. (Draenei here is the main heroine of the story) Now they humiliate the poor taur (/s/ as any good heroes would do /s/)

No. You wouldn’t allow it. You wouldn’t let Krolowa do whatever she wanted to do to your teammate, no your friend. You would stop her. You will stop her. Filled with determination, you scream, “Stay away from her!”

Before the dragontaur could even lay a single finger on Kayra, you aim your staff at her and unleash everything you’ve got left at her. A beam of pure light magic erupts from the tip of your staff, unleashed with such a force that you yourself got pushed backwards by it. “What the–” was all Krolowa managed to say, as the attack hit her. She tried to push back against it, only for the beam to grow bigger and bigger, soon even hitting the prophet. A burst of dark energy erupts from him, as he gets thrown to the side. The dark aura around the dragon started to be burned away by the pure light penetrated her very being. You could feel your mana burning away, but you held strong, you would end it, here and now. With the last of your power, you push against the evil opposing you.

With the last of the dark aura burned away, so was Krolowa’s power to fight against the light. With her resistance breaking, she got thrown backward, a wall catching her tumble. She just laid there in an awkward position, having no straighten left to move. She was defeated. But that wasn’t enough for you, something inside you told you she needs to be punished for what shes done. And you should be the one to punish her.

Suddenly the magic flowing through you felt different, as the last of the beam hit the enemy, and you realised what happened. Somehow with the last bit of mana, you unconsciously cast the restrain spell on her. Casting spells unconsciously was a very dangerous thing, but you decided to ignore it this time. You had punishment to deal out.

You slowly made your way over to the, once again, bound dragontaur. This time the magical bindings actually covered her entire body, making it a lot more difficult for her to break free, if she even had the strength to do so. Krolowa let out a grunt as she saw your approach, “H-How dare you!”, the restrains seemed to be doing their job, as she was unable to even really struggle under them. “Once I’ll get out of this I’ll!.. what are you doing?” You simply explain, “Face it, the old empire is gone. Your attempted coup failed. Your days of evil are over. And now I am here to punish you” “But why are you taking off your pants?”, the dragon asks confused. You drop your pants to the side, “I don’t want them to get dirty during the punishment”

Before she can ask what you mean by that, you step onto her big draconic member with your hoof. A sharp inhale from her shows just how sensitive it is. Not giving her time to process the feeling, you step on it again, and again, and again. She was clearly tough enough to take it. You weren’t stomping, but your were sure to apply just enough pressure to make her really feel it, as jolts of signals shot through her entire body each time.

Slowly a strange feeling wormed itself into you, something you felt back at the ruins when you found that other draenei. A warmth deep inside you, as you take control of whoever is under you, a rather toxic pleasure spreads through you see the dragon writhe below your hoof. But there was something more, some other part of you telling you to fight against that sweet pleasure you were feeling. Your hoof ends up lingering on Krolowa’s dick for a moment, as you think for a moment. A cute whimper from the dragon draws your attention to her face, an almost pleading look showing itself. Somehow your resolve was ignited by it, and instead of stepping, your hoof begins to rub against her member. With your mind cleared, you feel the light within you shine bright, as suddenly also does your hoof.

Your now light infused hoof was rubbing up and down the impressively sized dragon dick, little puffs of dark smoke leaving the massive meat rod wherever you touch it. You smile amused at the helpless dragon, you would finish her off, as soon as the rest of the darkness has been purged from her body. ‘Its the job of a Lightbringer to punishes those who do evil, doesn’t mean I can’t have fun while doing so’, you think to yourself, as you press down just slightly harder, amused by the reactions you get out of her.

You started to slow down quite a bit, making sure to rub all that darkness out of her, not wanting to let her reach her climax before you allow her to. Only when you spot no more darkness leaving, did your hoof shift into a higher gear, now overwhelming the dragontaur with stimulation. Krolowa’s mouth opens put no words manage to leave her, combined with the twitching member you knew it was time.

You lift you hoof of her, denying her her release. “Swear off of your evil ways, or I’ll leave you like this.” A few desperate attempts at humping against your hoof was all the dragon could manage before she realised she had no chance. She was edged already before, and now your punishment broke her pride. So she nods. “Say it” you demand, and all the pent up dragontaur managed to say between heavy breaths was “I swear..” It was enough for you, as you step back down onto her twitching member with force.

The stimulation was already enough to make her cum, but you weren’t satisfied by that. With surprising quickness, your hoof started to rub against her yet again, forced more and more of her own seed onto her. A deep moan echos through the whole plaza, as you look satisfied at the mess you made of her.