Submissive taur

Another doodle for Klem’s story. Train your dragon properly ; w;

Related part of the story:

…. ‘This is working too well..’ You think to yourself. At first the spell only seemed to make her passive, but soon she was following commands. Now, well… “Please mistress, I have been a naughty dragon!” There was Fae, with a magical collar around her neck, begging you to punish her. You don’t know how it happened, but at some point during the training, she got rather excited, enough so that her dick sprung to life.

You were sure to instruct the dragon to resist the spell, but it seemed quite powerful, as Fae didn’t seemed to be able to break free. For your amusement, you had her lick her own tail, but soon regretted it, as it made you feel quite warm all of a sudden. Moments later, the dragon wasn’t the only one naked, as the next command followed, and you got to enjoy the show.

The dragontaur was now presenting herself to you, her tail pistoning into her ass, pussy juices flowing down and over her draconic dick, which was itself slightly rubbing against the pads on her hind legs. From the show she was giving you and from the lewd moaning, you could tell that she truly was enjoying herself, with or without the spell. Telling yourself the training was completed, you decide to reward your– the dragon. “Looks like the spell is working better then expected How about I give you a reward for helping me so nicely?” “Yes, please mistress!” And with that, your hoof touches down on her dick, forcing a sharp inhale from Fae followed by a long and drawn out moan, as you start rubbing up and down her juice slick dick. With how slippery it has become, you apply more pressure to stimulate Fae even more, resulting in the moaning turning into lustful grunting. She even started thrusting along side your movement, rubbing her dick against her paws for extra stimulation. In a haze, you call to her “Come for me Fae, come for your mistress.” This was the final push the dragontaur needed and with a draconic roar, Fae unleashes a mess on herself and the desert sand. …