Unexpected bound

Continuing the Fae’s story (by Klemeron)

The heroes found the way how to stop her. (And using her immobility, they launched several distance attacks)

Related part of the story: …Unsure just how much longer you could evade her attacks, you try to come up with something to slow her down. Then you remember the spell the genie tought you. You haven’t used it yet, but having the big angry dragon restrained would help out a lot. But then another idea creeps into your mind, ‘Why only restrain her, when I could also punish her at the same time.’

With an more specific target in mind, you cast the spell. It feels strange at first, casting a spell you magically learned, but the result speaks for itself. You look in awe as magical chains erupted from the ground under Krolowa and bind her before she can react. A surprised gasp followed by a pained grunt leaves her, as the chains bind rather tight around her. Or rather her dick specifically. It seems like your plan of punishment didn’t work, as you don’t have any real control over the chains after casting them, but by the reaction you got out of her, you can tell that you managed to bind the chains rather tight. (Krolowa(’s dick) tightly restrained!)

The frog girl saw your attempt at restraining the enemy, even if it only bind a very specific part of her body. Nonetheless she saw the usefulness of restricting the dragontaur’s mobility and tried to limit it further.

With a laugh, Krolowa taunts you, “I didn’t know the Light had perverts fighting for it’s side. Your companions appear rather heated at the moment and all you manage is to chain up my member?” She shrugs, “Do you think thats going to stop me in any way?” She then tries to move, only for the chains to tighten around her dick. She tries again, but with the same result. But with her third attempt, you notice how it wasn’t forceful like the other two tries. She was more so rolling her hips into it. A quiet moan could be heard, as she started to thrust against the grip of the chains, “You know, that actually doesn’t feel half bad. I don’t need to get my claws dirty to get you to submit anyways.” After finishing that sentence, you see a glow coming from her mouth, followed by her breathing fire at both Kayra and you.